“Bruce’s ability and effectiveness in overseeing/enforcing a very effective safety program saved my company over one million dollars in insurance premiums.
He is intelligent...organized, intuitive, disciplined...hard working, and exemplifies strong moral fiber and temperament.”
- Robert S

Bruce’s passion for workplace and employee safety is evident in every conversation and job site visit. A dedicated team member…committed to keeping all of us safe…he worked diligently with our corporate and local safety programs and achieved solid results.
Bruce demonstrated a passion for technology. He brought that excitement to his job as Risk and Safety Manager by implementing an electronic job site safety audit…[which] allowed the results to be immediately delivered to the team via email.
I would not hesitate to recommend Bruce to any organization as I feel he would be an asset to any team. He’s a professional and an advocate for raising the “bar” “
- John C

“He worked in often difficult client conditions in which he gained the client’s confidence and respect through hard work and achievement, in turn helping us all to build better client relationships and trust.”
- Crain B

“Bruce was our in-house Expert and provided continuous support to my offshore Maintenance Department. He was very knowledgeable, highly competent and able to demonstrate excellent skills, while working under a very challenging atmosphere onshore.”
- Jim J

“Bruce was our "troubleshooter" and "resident expert" for any issues we had. We leaned on Bruce’s expertise very heavily and he was always able to offer some type of workable solution that allowed us to achieve our goals and continuously improve”
- Burl R